Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Traditions-Christmas Tree Sunday/Giveaway Winner

For as long as my brain can remember our family (and I mean all of them...or at least the ones living here) have been getting together one Sunday before Christmas.  We go into the mountains behind our homes and get a tree, sled, drink hot cocoa and enjoy each others company.  Then we go back to my Mom & Dad's (it used to be at my grandparents) and have Irish Sundaes, bake sugar cookies and celebrate my niece and grandpa getting one year older. 

Unfortunately a few things have poor grandparents have been under the weather and we have NO snow.  So a very sad thing happened...Christmas Tree Sunday was CANCELLED!!  Can you hear my disappointment?   We were even going to celebrate my Papa's 87th birthday!  I know I am sort of...ok totally throwing a temper tantrum.  I have to give my mom & dad some credit here because they tried to reschedule but my grandparents are still not feeling well (I am closing my eyes right now and sending healing wished to them) and we still do not have any snow (I can handle that).
It is a tradition that my children look forward to just as I have my entire life.  A day that makes the holidays seem complete.  Without it Christmas is missing something!  As you know from my 14 days of Thankfulness, traditions are VERY important to me but I think that they are important to everyone.  Traditions define you as a person, define a family, define a holiday and most definitely define what is important in life.  They don't have to be played out exactly the same each year but making an effort to keep a tradition going or making a new one can make an ordinary day or time simply extraordinary.  The great thing about traditions is that there is always next year!!  Thank goodness!!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?  Sweet Papa-J

The Christmas Goodie Giveaways Winner is...Tonia Albertson!  Thank you to everyone who entered be sure to tune in and enter the next one.  Merry Christmas!!

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