Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Empty Nest

Sadly my children are beyond the ages of dressing up for Halloween (tear).  So instead of pouting about it more that I already have I came up with a solution...

I'm inviting some of my friend's awesome kids over to my home for a pre-trick or treating dinner.  I always remember being so rushed for time when I was getting my children all dressed up each year and dinner sometimes always took a back seat.

So it is my hope to help some good friends out in the process of helping my Halloween Empty Nest Syndrome.  It is a medical term!  I promise!  Well maybe not but it DEFINITELY should be!

Party planning has got to be one of my all-time favorite things to do and this little gathering was no exception.

Sweet kids in costume + deliciously spooky food = Halloween Happiness, for the hostess anyway.

When planning a party (big or small) I usually start with a theme (Halloween-that was easy), color scheme (Black, Orange and Green-again easy), decorations (I'm already decorated) and then food (my favorite).  Here is my menu for tonight:

-Mummified Dogs dipped in Blood-
Hot dogs wrapped in bread dough and dipped in kethcup

-Spider Eggs-OOOOOO-
Deviled eggs with olives on top cut in the shape of a shiny spider, I couldn't resist since two of the cute darlings supply me with a bountiful collection of home fresh eggs each week.

-Witches Fingers-
Carved string cheese with green pepper finger nails

-Wormy Apples-
Crisp sliced apples with a gummy worm through them

A party is NEVER complete at my house without dessert.  I love to make things from scratch but who always has the time.  Tonight I have made Oreo Mummy Pops and Quick Carmel Corn.  They are both desserts that can be made ahead and packaged easily.

I can't wait to share pictures and recipes from the party with you in the next few days.  I better get going I have costumed cuties arriving soon.  Sweet Tricks and Treats-J

What are making for dinner tonight?

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