Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Sweeties

My pre-trick or treating party to help with my ailing Halloween Empty Nest Syndrome was a huge success and the best part about it...I didn't have to walk from house to house in the freezing cold.  When dinner was done I put on my P.J.'s and enjoyed a little Monday Night Football!  I guess there are a few perks to having children who think they are to old to dress up!

To get ready for the party I prepped most of the menu on the day before because that makes things so much easier (especially when you are working all day).  I made the Carmel Corn and Oreo Mummy Pops on Sunday afternoon and then packaged them in the evening.  I will post the Carmel Corn recipe soon but here is a peak at the crunchy and carmely corn all cozy in the cute candy corn cellophane bags that I found last year after Halloween on clearance at Michael's (score). 

Speaking of candy corn...since we are such good friends now I am going to admit something that I have only told a chosen few... I have an obsession with candy corn!!  I don't like the taste of it but I think that candy corn is the CUTEST candy in the ENTIRE world!  I buy bags and bags of it and put it ALL over my home this time of year!  I have an entire table dedicated to candy corn decorations and even bought more this last weekend.  If there was a Candy Corn Anonymous (CCA) I would totally have be there every Wednesday night and say, "Hi, my name is June and I am addicted to candy corn".  Well now that you know that about me I will move on...

The Oreo Mummy Pops were super simple.  I found the idea on one of my favorite blogs Your Home Based Mom last year and just could not get it out of my crazy head until I made them.  All you need are Double Stuffed Oreos (trust me...I bought the regular), White Chocolate Bark (you can find it in the same section as the chocolate chips), sucker sticks and candy eyes (you can find both the sticks and eyes at Michael's).  First insert one stick into each Oreo and set aside.  Once all of the pops have their sticks you can melt the white chocolate bark.  You could use a double boiler for this process but I used the microwave.  I start at a minute and stir before I add another 30 seconds until it is melted.  I like to let it set for a minute before I start dipping.  Dip each Oreo completely in the white chocolate so that they look like this.

Once they are all dipped and the chocolate is set I put some of the melted white chocolate into a gallon Ziploc bag and cut a bottom corner off of the bag.  I then took the bag and ran the chocolate back and forth so that they look like this.  Note:  If you try to do this right after you dip the entire Oreo then the chocolate will just run together and make a big hot mess.

While the chocolate is still soft put two of the candy eyes on each Oreo and they will look like this.
                                                    Exuse my camera sucks!
Once completely cooled and dried I put each pop into a clear cellophane bag and tied with ribbon.  Now isn't that the sweetest mummy you have ever seen?

Here are a few of the cuties that came to the dinner.  I am so glad that my friends let me steal borrow them for a little while.  My suggestion if you want to steal borrow children from their parents is to offer free dinner...they are more than happy to lend their tike's.  For those of you wanting to see pictures of the other items on the must remember that dessert is always first in my book but they are coming soon.  Sweet wishes-J


  1. June I love your blog! I am so excited to read more.. I'm going to have to try out those cookie treats some time. You should do this for a living