Sunday, November 13, 2011

Being Thankful-Day 11

Sunday is my most favorite day of week, especially during football season.  I usually try to work really hard during the week and on Saturday...then Sunday can be used for relaxation and time spent with people I love.  Most of my Sundays are spent at my mama's.  We watch football, look through recipe books and I almost always take a good long nap.  I'm not sure why but I can take a nap at parents house so easily and I love it.  Their house is always warm, with smells of something freshly baked and the sounds of football game in the background...I love napping there!  There truly is no place like home and even though I have my own home (which I love), my mom & dad's is still a place I love to visit and rest my tired little head.

Day 11-I am thankful for football Sunday's with my mom and the nap that I love to take on her comfy relaxing.  Sweet Sunday-J

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  1. I too am thankful for Sundays. It is a day we have decicated to taking off. My husband and I enjoy spending the day together and it usually ends with having dinner with all our children. Right now is hunting season though so it is about me today which is good sometimes too.