Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being Thankful-Day 8

I have always had animals all of my life but never an animal that has touched my heart quite like Jack.  I think the fact that he came to me during a rough patch in life and the fact that I think he is a cutest little puppy in the whole world helps.  He makes the kids laugh when they want to cry and brings a smile to our faces everyday when we get home.  I always teased my younger sister because she has always been what I thought was "Overly in Love" with her animals.  Well I am taking it ALL back now and frankly it is hard to imagine that I once felt that way.  He has taken over our home and hearts.  He begs at the table, barks at you when he wants to play, gets on every piece of furniture, has no concept of personal space and pretty much runs the house.  I NEVER thought I could feel this way about a little dog (especially one who can be quite obnoxious)...but I do and I'm glad I do.

Day 8-I am thankful for my dog Jack...he breathes a new life into our home.  Sweet puppy-J

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