Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Mantel Decor

Christmas is now over and the New Year is on the horizon.  As I mentioned before Christmas decorations are down and put away as soon as Christmas is over!  I was so glad to have Monday off so that I could get everything back to normal (or as normal as it gets at my house).  I have never had any New Year decorations but was inspired by a mantel that I saw on Pinterest and so I had to try it.

I found the black frames at Michael's for $3.00 a piece the day after Thanksgiving and then it was just a matter of drawing out 2 0 1 2.  I used some craft paper and a sharpie to complete them. 

Overlapped on my mantel with some silver star garland and a metal star completes the look...

On the other side I have put my black candle holders, another metal star and more silver star garland...

Hope this gives you a little New Year inspiration.  Many wishes of happiness!  Sweet year-J

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