Friday, December 2, 2011

More Handmade Christmas-Popcorn Gift Basket

One of my favorite things to do with my family (especially during the long winter months) is to have a movie night at home.  Being cozy by the fire, in your warm jammies and surrounded by those you love is a wonderful feeling.  For a few of my friends I am going to create the atmosphere for them.  All they will need to do is run to the Red Box or hit the Rent button on the TV remote.

I found these awesome popcorn containers at the Dollar Store and just couldn't help myself.  By adding a few of their favorite Movie Theatre goodies and some super cute filler (also a Dollar Store find) you can create a gift that anyone would LOVE to receive...

The best part about handmade gifts is that they are thoughtful and let your friend or family member know that you took time to think about them personally.  I think a little individual bucket for someone would also be a great gift (especially for a child)...

You could add a movie or a movie ticket/gift card, any kind of candy or popcorn that they love and you have gift that someone will be so happy to receive and even happier to use on a cold night in front of the television with the people they love.  Sweet popcorn-J

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