Friday, December 9, 2011

Handmade Christmas-Candle Holders

For about a year now I have been a little (ok...a lot) obsessed with making candle holders and cake plates out of flea market finds.  A little spray paint, the right kind of glue and POOF...handmade decorations for your home.  I have made quite a few items for myself.  Here was my first attempt...

They are two vintage pie plates on top of candle sticks that I spray painted black.  I love them but I was impatient and spray painted the candle sticks in cold weather...take my advise and don't do that.  The paint did not adhere very well and has started to chip.  With a little added fabric, a candle and glass dome they look perfect on my hutch.

Here are a matching set of cake/serving plates that I made out of a set of candle sticks and two plates.  I loved the candle sticks just the way they were with a mixture of metal and wood.  The addition of cream plates and they are ready to go...

For quite sometime I had been wanting to make a two tiered serving dish and I finally found everything I was looking for.  I used two old cake pans 8" and 9", one candle stick and red spray paint.  I love the way that it turned out and it looks great on my counter with the weeks fruit perched in it...

Here is the last cake plate that I made out of a porcelain candle holder that I found at Goodwill and a fluted tart pan.  I liked the finish of both pieces, so I didn't spray paint this time either.  I just added a little garland and a candle to finish it off but a yummy cake would look great too...

So now that I have given you plenty of examples of what you could make...I am going to give you a VERY inexpensive candle holder idea.  Both the hurricane and candlesticks were purchased at the Dollar Store.  See I told you they were inexpensive.  I made two for myself and one for my mom.  I think with the right fillers they could be a perfect gift for that special person.

To make these and all of the others I start with clean and dry surfaces.  I then put the desired amount of glue on them, press pieces together and let them dry (6 hours to overnight).  It really is that easy! 

I found the E6000 glue at Michael's for about $5.00 (I have used the same tube for all of these projects).  Literally everything else was found at Goodwill, The Dollar Store and estate/yard sales.  The possibilities are endless and so are the ideas for what to put in them.  Tune in tomorrow to see those great ideas.  Sweet crafting-J


  1. I love all of the creations, but I love love the cake plate! I can't wait to go shopping and find my own treasures to make one! Thanks June!

  2. I can't wait to get back in our house so I can look back and look at your ideas and decorate. I might just call you for a consult :)

  3. Thank you so much for reading...definately call for a consult!!!