Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly Thoughts-Week 44

Week 44-Finding trust in someone after years of not having any may just be the best feeling I have EVER felt.
I have spoke about trust is something that I feel VERY strongly about!!  My marriage failed for a lot of reasons but the main one is that trust was gone...completely and totally lost.  Needless to say when I left the marriage I truly believed that I would NEVER trust anyone again.  I felt like it was a feeling that was lost on me...a feeling that would only be a distant memory and that made me sad because all good relationships are built on trust.  I often questioned how you trust again when you have been hurt so badly. 

Luckily I am surrounded by some great people who were always in my corner and encouraging me.  Reassuring me that trust can be found again and that someday I would find it.  Truthfully...I thought they were full of crap!!  Thankfully...they weren't!!  Being in a relationship again with someone I trust completely is an amazing feeling.  I never realized the constant stress I was under when I didn't trust...that is, until I was lucky enough to find someone that I do.  Sweet trust-


P.S. Tune in tomorrow for the recap of the dinner I am having tonight for some absolutely precious Trick or Treaters.  Also don't forget to enter my giveaway going on now in celebration of Sweet Taters and Tales 1st Birthday...personalized cupcakes could be in your future!!


  1. So Happy for you June! I have been in your shoes and it is wonderful when you find that someone you can trust with all your heart! <3

  2. Thanks is wonderful. Happy Halloween!! :)