Thursday, October 4, 2012

She said yes...

My Tater's officially has a date for Homecoming!!  I'm so excited for him because she is a great girl!!
When I received this text this morning...

I was so happy for him but yet sad for myself because this will just be the first of many times that this will happen.  First homecoming, then prom, then marriage, then babies...then this Mom will be a grandma and although I don't really mind getting makes me sad that my children do!!  I know...I know...I'm getting ahead of myself!!  I tend to do this sometimes!!  I just couldn't help it...when I saw this text it was like I was transported 10 years into the future and this was the answer to his marriage proposal!!  I may have freaked out a little bit (and been a few minutes late to work) but I am happy to report that I am now just fine and happy that she said homecoming!!
In other news...Baby Sage is adjusting to our home wonderfully!!  In fact it is safe to say that she is now the boss of the house!!  But then again with a face like this why am I at all surprised??

Sweet times-


  1. Your exposing your lack of phone technology with the picture of your ever trusty flip you!

  2. I know I are the phone tech of the family. :) Loves & Hugs