Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Thoughts-Week 40

Week 40-What screws us up the most in life is the picture of how it supposed to be!!

Lets face it...life is complicated.  Things are never just black and white...there are always gray areas!!  Yet we all (or at least I do) still have this idea in our head of how things are supposed to work out.  For instance, I truly believed that I would be married to one person forever...even in the darkest days of my marriage I couldn't accept the fact that it wasn't going to work out because that is how I had always pictured my life.  I was going to get married, have babies, and live happily ever after...well I did get married and have two amazing babies but the happily ever after didn't happen for me.  It was devastating to realize that it wasn't going to work because that is how my life was supposed to be...or so I thought.  My path in life has taken another direction and accepting that has been hard for me but what a relief it is to know that life doesn't always have to be that perfect picture in our heads to be wonderful.  Creating new pictures and taking different paths are a part of life that can be the most rewarding and exciting...we just have to adjust ourselves and accept what we are given.  Sweet life-

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