Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Thoughts-Week 43

Week 43-I just need to tell my parents something..."I'm sorry!!!"

Now that I am in the midst of raising teenagers, I don't think that there is a day that passes that I don't think to myself...I should apologize to my parents...AGAIN!  Spoiled rotten teenagers (of whom I love more than life itself) can really take a toll on a parent (especially a single one)!  How my parents successfully (or at least I think so) raised 3 GIRLS is so beyond my comprehension.  I am struggling with the heck did they do it and not need major medication...sedation...hospitalization? isn't that bad.  I feel like I have pretty good kids but now I understand what a HUGE pain in the neck I was and I'm not sure of how they survived.  Raising kids truly is one of my biggest pleasures but some days it is TOUGH!!  I would like to thank my parents for putting up with me and for making it look so easy...because believe me...IT WASN'T!!  If you are a parent give yourself a big pat on the deserve it!!  Sweet parenting-

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