Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Thoughts-Week 42

Week 42-I used to be able to party all weekend. Now, a night of drinking with friends requires more recovery time than minor surgery.
I may have drank a little too much this weekend!!  I want to clarify that it is NOT something I do very often.  I do however, tell on myself a lot.  For some reason I tend to tattle on myself A LOT...especially when I have done something really kind of stupid.  Like the time that I used the porta potty in the dark when the seat was down and had to run home and change my jeans...YEP...not my proudest moment but yet I don't keep it to myself.   The problem with having a night out at my age is that if I step over the imaginary line I set for know the one that is there between HAVING A GOOD TIME & HAVING TOO GOOD OF A TIME...then I am pretty much out of commission for a week couple of days!!  Note to self: Don't cross the imaginary line or stay home altogether!!! Sweet age-

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