Friday, February 17, 2012

66 years and counting...

Today is my grandparents 66th wedding anniversary!! 

Congratulations Papa and Mamu!!

I just wanted to take a quick moment today to honor them because they are two AMAZING peeps!!  Not many can say they have made this milestone.  Even fewer can say they made it and are still in LOVE.  What an accomplishment it is especially in this day and age.  I love watching them together because the love they feel for one another is so evident.  They have a respect and admiration for each other that surpasses any that I have ever known or probably ever will (except for maybe my own parents).  They are not only role models for our super sized family but for people everywhere.  I love them both more that words can even begin to express and I know that each child and grandchild feels the same way.  When I think of everything they have created and accomplished I am amazed and grateful.  Sweet grandparents-J

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