Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts-Week 9

Ok...I know that I had said that this series would happen on Thursdays but there are some weeks when I just can't wait (I'm an instant gratification kind of gal).  This week I wasn't exactly sure of what I wanted to say and then last night I picked Taylea up from Awana's and she had this written down...

Week 9-I have decided that even though I don't always do everything right, I will NEVER quit!!!  Determination will get you a lot further than talent.  So if you feel a lack in talent, take heart.  All you need in life is more determination than anyone else you know.

She was so excited to read it to me and the fact that she took the time to write it down let me know that this really touched her heart and made her think about life and the affect of a strong determination.  She is truly such an amazing girl.  She radiates determination and a need to make things happen.  We could all live a little more like my Tales and be better for it.  I am so grateful to be blessed with her in my life.  Sweet Tales-

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