Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl countdown and menu

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I am a huge football fan!!  Of course watching Tater play ranks #1 on my list...

but a close second would be the NFL...especially the Super Bowl.  I love the game, the half-time show, the commercials and best of all THE FOOD.  I'm excited to be helping my mom host a little get together at her house this year.  We have been preparing and brainstorming for about two weeks now (I know that is crazy) because we want everything to be delicious and perfect for a football themed dinner and dessert table.  I realize that I can get carried away with a theme but I just can't help it...for some reason it makes me happy!!  To each their own...right??

We have decided to put together a Nacho Bar...I love the idea because then everyone can personalize what they are eating to their own liking.  Here is what we will have to make a humongous and sinful plate of Nachos...

Chips, of course
Seasoned ground beef
Cheese sauce (a mixture of Velveeta and Rotel)
Sour cream
Ranch dressing

My mouth is watering just imagining yummy toppings piled on top of crisp chips.  The warmness of the cheese sauce and meat together with the coolness of the salsa, sour cream and I am ready for Sunday!

Of course no get together is perfect without dessert...especially if I have something to say about it.  I will be making my yummy sugar cookies (in the shape of a football helmet) and my mom is whipping up Gingerbread footballs.  They are a tradition and my children would not think the Superbowl was complete without them.  Enjoy the game!!  Sweet football-J

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