Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Sugar Cookies...Color Block

So I have shown you a handful of different ways to prepare sugar cookies from the same recipe.  Today will be my last idea because for right now I am out of them (when it comes to sugar cookies anyway).  For this cookie you will just need a little food coloring and it is really that simple. 

You will divide the dough in half and then dye half of it pink or red...

Then you will roll out each colored dough and start cutting hearts (large ones).  From there you will cut a smaller heart out of the middle of each cookie...

This is where it gets tricky (not really), you are going to take the smaller heart cutouts and put the red/pink ones in the regular dough and the regular ones in the larger red/pink... cool is that?

From here all you do is bake them according to the recipe and the cookies are ready to eat or gift when cooled.  A fun and simple way to show your Valentine how much you love them.  Sweet colors-J

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