Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Decor

I'm FINALLY back!!  My internet is still a bit temperamental but it is working!!!  I can blog again!!!  I am so excited!!  I'm jumping right into Valentine's Day!!!

I have never been one to really decorate it up for Valentines day but this year I felt inspired to do a little something in my home.  I didn't want it exploding all over the house but just a few places that were touched with love.  I also had a limited budget, so I made a few of the items that I used out of craft paper.

Now that I have a mantel it is always the first thing that I want to decorate.  I have really been missing out over the years in not having one...I am enjoying it WAY too much!  In a recent trip out of town I found this cute heart vase at Target for under $15.00 (my splurge), I then put a few red colored branches that I already had in it to add a little more height and dimension.  I also picked up an X and O from Micheal's (because everyone needs a hug and a kiss), they were inexpensive and so cute.  Lastly I purchased 4 bags of conversation hearts at the grocery store for $1.00 a bag.  The rest were just items that I had around the house...

The banner is just made of hearts that I cut out of craft paper and taped onto jute.  I used a cookie cutter as a stencil to make sure that all of the hearts were the same size...

Draped over my mirror it makes a perfect Valentine's day addition.

The other place that I decorated was my buffet.  It is my second favorite place to display items.  I used a metal LOVE sign that I already had, a few jars filled with conversation hearts, a coordinating candle, a table runner that was made for me by my Grandma Pearl (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, having it out) and a framed heart that I made myself...from more craft paper...

To make the framed heart I used one of the frames from my New Years Eve mantel, cut a piece of white paper to fit inside the frame and then cut out long and skinny heart from the same red craft paper.  I then attached the heart to the paper and used a sharpie marker to outline it and write the word "love" on the bottom.  It turned out great and didn't cost a dime.

I love that I was able to decorate my home for Valentine's Day and it didn't cost me over $25.00.  I also love that except for the candy...all of the items can be used from year to year.  I did splurge on the red vase but I just couldn't help it!!  I knew it would be the perfect addition to my Valentine's Day decorations.  I hope I have inspired you to add a little LOVE to your home.  Sweet valentine-J

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