Monday, January 2, 2012

What I have learned...

Happy New Year!!!  I can't believe that is the start of 2012...where has time gone?  I'm hoping that I can try to slow life down a little bit this year and enjoy things more.  Take that extra minute to soak in a wonderful moment and file it in my memory.  To me life is all about the memories that we make with people that we love.  Whether it be a picture or a moment in is a piece of your life that is remembered forever.  It is a part of you that can not be taken away, they are stitched in your heart and soul.  I love memories and creating them!  They are what warms you when you are feeling down and can make you smile after just a thought.  Memories make life amazing and making them makes life worth living. 

I also think that the new year makes one reflect on the past 365 days and analyze yourself a little more than usual.   I have learned a lot about myself in the last few months of blogging.  There are things that you don't realize about yourself until you put your thoughts on the computer screen.  Here are the crazy things that I learned...

1)   I am obsessed with too many food items!  (candy corn, mini chocolate chips, Hershey's peppermint Kisses, soft and chewy cookies, etc.)

2)   I am obsessed with too many craft projects!  (making serving plates, making burlap banners, putting together gifts, mason jars, etc.)

3)  I am obsessed!  Period!  End of story!  For some strange reason I never knew that?

4)  I describe food like I would my children.  Should anyone love food that much?  I'm not quite sure but obviously I do.

5)  My favorite words are amazing, perfect, awesome, yummy and delicious.  Although sometimes the things I make are none of those words!

6)  Sometimes my posts are too deep and make people tear up.  Sorry to all of you out there...I didn't realize I could have that effect on people.

7)  My brain is on inspiration overload most of the time and this blog has given me a great outlet to free up some much needed space.

8)   I am terrible at punctuation...I apologize but it is just the way it is.

9)  I use three periods in a change thoughts way too much...see I am doing it now...I told you punctuation was not my strong suit.

10)  My best blog inspirations come to me at times that are inconvenient.  In the car, shower and on the treadmill...sometimes I forget between there and the computer.  Like I said inconvenient. 

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!!!  Sweet New Year-J

P.S. I nearly forgot!

11)  Although I have always known this I am reminded everyday when I blog...I love my family & friends...they are amazing, perfect, awesome, yummy and delicious!  :)

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