Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life's Luxuries

Well my internet is still down!  I lived without a computer and the world wide web up until 3 months ago but I'm having a hard time living without it now.  I have realized that is has now became one of my LIFE'S LUXURIES.  In this day and age we all have so many luxuries that we take for granted until it is not there anymore. 

For instance my cell phone...I resisted getting one for many years but now that I have one there is no turning back.  I don't have a fancy smancy phone, just an old hand-me-down phone that works well and gets the job done.  I am lost however when it doesn't work!  Dropped calls and bad signals are a real inconvenience.  Then I remember back to the days of my youth when a 5 mile radius of my house was on a party line.  You could hear other peoples conversations and have to wait for hours until you got your turn.  Now almost everyone (including my 12 year old daughter...much to my dismay) has a cell phone of their own.

Or how about dish television and DVR?  Man I love to sit and watch me a good smut TV program.  Then to be able to DVR it and watch it later without commercials...well that is like my new best friend.  Mom's don't have time for commercials and all they make you want to do is eat something you shouldn't at 10 o'clock at night anyway.  The problem with dish TV is that when it storms your dish gets covered with snow and won't pick up its satellite signal.  You can wipe it off...but you have to able to reach it.  Mine is conveniently located on the top eve of my two story rental...not happening!  I remember back to watching the Dukes of Hazard on our TV as a was as thick as a house but the screen was tiny.  My sisters and I would lay on the floor right in front of it and watch the one channel we could pick up on our antenna.  Now we have thin and pretty LCD televisions with HDTV, the screens are humongous and the 250 channels still sometimes only have one good program on it.

Now back to the internet.  Like I said it is a luxury that I just recently experienced in my home.  You can find anything on there!  I can take a picture of what I am having for dinner, download it and have my blog posted within just a few minutes of eating.  The kids can research a topic for a report and have the information printed out in no time and without a trip to the library.  Times have certainly changed...I'm not quite so sure that it is for the better though.  I feel like I am so dependant on all of LIFE'S LUXURIES that I am not quite sure of how to live without them and luckily I don't...or atleast not for long. 

So...hopefully my internet will be back up soon!!!!  Then I can get back to blogging and sharing with all of you.  Enjoy the snow!  Sweet luxuries-J

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