Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vegas give away winner!!

Well I am back from my trip to Vegas and exhausted!  Having a few days off was amazing but now back to reality and 5 inches of SNOW!  I feel like time is flying by way to quickly...Thanksgiving is only 15 days away.  That means Christmas is in only...never mind I am not even going there. 

My mom, sisters and I had a blast.  We rode the roller coaster at the NY NY, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, watched the Bellagio water show and walked our little legs off.  We also ate some DELICIOUS food!  Which brings me to my giveaway.  We saw many, many wonderful little chocolate shops/bakeries but then we saw this one...

It was beyond fabulous and I knew immediately that the giveaway item had to come from here.  I only wish I could have boxed up one of these bad boys but it wouldn't have made it home.

I knew that I needed to bring something that was yummy but would survive the plane ride.  So I decided on my favorite chocolate treat (selfish, I know)...chocolate covered pretzels!  Sweet + Salty = YUMMY GOODNESS!!

They are not just any old chocolate covered pretzel, they are JEAN PHILIPPE'S chocolate covered pretzels and there is a difference! 

So the winner of my very first ever blog giveaway and the out of this world chocolate covered pretzels is...drum roll please...Katie McNeley!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, keep tuning in for some awesome holiday recipes, ideas and more giveaways!!  Sweet giveaway-J


  1. Congratulations Katie McNeley!! The first ever blog giveaway winner!! Way to go June!! Wu Wu Wu glad you had a wonderful time in Vegas!! Its the only place I can think of that is better than Lakeview!! 46 More Days till Christmas!

  2. Oh my goodness!! They were delicious...thanks so much June :)

  3. June, Very neat web site! but I'm having problems joining.... a computer dumbie...