Friday, November 4, 2011

Frightful Food

Well I am finally ready to post the actual food portion of my Halloween dinner.  I get so wrapped up in the planning and desserts that the food just took a back seat.  I can't help brain just works that way. 

When I was planning the menu I knew that it would not be complete without Mummified Dogs dipped in blood.  I mean they are a necessity right?  Maybe not but they are super simple and give the desired affect.  I just took a package of hot dogs and a can of Pillsbury pizza dough.  I cut the dough in long strips using a pizza cutter and started wrapping.

I (my mom & official helper) wrapped them right before I put them in the oven but you could definitely make them a few hours ahead of time and pop them in the refrigerator.  Once the oven was preheated to 400° I baked them for about 8-10 minutes or until the dogs are heated through and the bread is golden brown.  Serve with a side of blood (aka ketchup) and those bad boys are ready to eat.

I then made Spider Eggs.  They are deviled eggs with olives cut to look like spiders.  I boil my eggs for 10 minutes and then remove from heat for another 5 minutes with a lid on.  Note:  When making deviled eggs I always try to use eggs that I have had for a little while, the more fresh the eggs are the harder they are to peel once boiled.  I then made my deviled eggs...

To assemble them I put one half of the olive in the middle of the egg yolk mixture and four strips on each side to make a spider like this.

Scary huh??

The wormy apples were super duper easy.  I had planned on putting a whole through each apple slice and threading a gummy worm through the hole but I ran out of time. (see picture above)

The witches fingers were way too fun. String Cheese, green pepper and cream cheese are all you will need.  First I took each piece of string cheese and carved knuckle marks for the fingers and then I carved an area for the fingernail to go, it should look like this.
Then I cut in half and seeded my green pepper.  From there I cut strips and then cut the strips into triangles, like this.

To stick the fingernail to the finger I use a small amount of cream cheese and then the witches finger is finished.  I made these the night before the party so that they were all ready. 

It was a great time, with great parents and even greater kids.  They were so cute all dressed up and ready to get on the trick or treat trail.  Sweet times-J

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