Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being Thankful-Day 1

The last 2 weeks have gone by way to quickly and we are now nestled into the eve of Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow most of us will spend time with loved ones, eat too much and maybe sneak in a nap while watching the big game.  I have always loved the feeling that Thanksgiving provides.  The feeling of love and being overly full to the point of unbuttoning your pants can not be duplicated any other day of the year.  To me it is a priceless day with fond memories and leftover turkey in the fridge (I can taste the turkey enchiladas already).  I love getting up, making breakfast for the kids and then laying around in our P.J.'s and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade until Santa makes his entrance.  My kids may not be as excited about it as they used to be but I am all about tradition.

Day 1-I am thankful for tradition and the feeling that Thanksgiving casts upon is a once in a year feeling that I adore.  Sweet Thanksgiving-J

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