Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love that lasts a lifetime...

I have to say that, I am a very lucky girl.  Every single day of my life I am surrounded by handfuls of amazing people.  Friends and family who make my life more complete.  My parents are my constant and my rock. My sisters (some biological and some chosen) are the ones who keep me grounded and who help me through life's moments.  My sweet babies make my life complete in a lovingly chaotic way, what can I say, they brats but they are MY brats.  My boyfriend and his sweet babies have added a special something that I didn't even know I was missing in life and am so glad that I am not anymore.  My nieces and nephews are like children of my own, who I don't have to take care of everyday and can spoil when I do...what is better than that?

Then there are these two...

who just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary!!
Myself and 60+ others who get to call them Papa & Mamu are the luckiest grandchildren in the ENTIRE WORLD!!  Every single day we are blessed with these two amazing grandparents who love us unconditionally and also show us that love can last a lifetime.  I love them big bunches and after looking at this picture I can't wait to see them...give them hugs and eat pancakes!! Yep...I am one lucky girl.  Sweet Papa & Mamu-

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