Friday, February 15, 2013

Running News & Puppy Love...

A few weeks ago I invited all of you to join me for the Pear Blossom Run/Walk in Medford, Oregon on Saturday April 13th but I wanted to let you know that plans have changed.  You sister (Amus) and I are taking our 4 babies on a fun filled trip to Southern California. Our plan was to drive down on Sunday after the race because airfare for all six of us was a little outrageous.  We were going to just take turns and power through the 11 hour drive with 4 restless teens and preteens...even though flying seemed a whole lot more fun.  It was going to work well because we could run the race on Saturday...get a good nights sleep...wake up early and get it done!  But then a really great airfare came across my email about a week ago and all of us could fly round trip for under $100.00 each and so.........we decided to take it!!  The only problem is that we need to be in Reno, Nevada by 6:00 a.m. on Saturday the 13th to get the awesome deal and so that means we can't be Medford to run the race.  A bummer and a fabulous thing all at the same time.

I will however be running the 5K during St. Patty's Day here in Lakeview on Saturday, March 16th.  I don't yet know the exact time but because I have done this before...

I know that it is a good time and I would love for any or all of you to join me.  Message me if you are interested.


In other news, this girl (our sweet baby Sage)...

Has a Valentine!!  Last night when I arrived home from a fabulous dinner with my Darb there was a package in the mail box addressed to Sage.  Atop a sweetly wrapped box was a card from our neighbor dog and fellow Yorkie Radar asking Sage to be his Valentine.  Inside the box there were three of his favorite bones and little love note...what a sweetie!!  Now, I would love to tell you that Sage is such a lady that she carefully took each bone and carried them to her bed for later but that is most definitely NOT what happened!!  She is completely OBSESSED with these darn bones...I have to wonder if Radar laced them with something because she has gone MAD!!  I think she spent ALL night digging in the couches, beds and blankets hiding these silly things only to get them out and hide them again.  I'm not sure poor Radar knows what he is getting himself into...his Valentine is completely CRAZED!!!  Sweet puppies-

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