Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keeping me in check...

I love how parents can keep you in check.  Even when you are 37 years old and a mama living on your own, with two bratty kids and a full time job...parents somehow still keep an eye on you from a distance and give you that kick in the butt you sometimes need.  For instance, last night as I was getting ready to go and visit Darb my phone was my sweet mama.  She says "I have a question for you."  I'm thinking she needs me to help her with something or pickup something for her, but nope...she wanted to know why I haven't been blogging??  For days I have been telling myself that I needed to get some pictures downloaded and get busy because it has been WAY too long since my last post but everyday life got in the way and I didn't...I guess I needed my mom to give me the shove I required to get it going again.

You see, my mama knows how much I adore blogging and she looks forward to those little emails in her inbox from Sweet Taters and Tales.  It is her way of keeping up with me even when life does get in the way.  Love you Mom!!!  Tune in tomorrow for maybe my most requested recipe...Snicker brownies!!  So yummy.  Sweet mama-

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