Friday, March 1, 2013

Life is good...

This Sunday will be the beginning of my 37th year of life (aka: birthday).  For some reason every year when this time comes around I like to take a step back to see how I feel about where I am at.  What things do I love about my life?  What things could be changed?  How am I doing as a mother?  How am I doing as a friend and even crazier, as a girlfriend (I haven't been someones girlfriend on a birthday since I was 19!  Don't do the math!  Believe me, its been a long time!  Ok, I will just go ahead and do it for you...18 years to be exact!)? 

There have been years where I feel very content with where I am and then those that were not good at all.  I'm sure we have all had a few of those.  This year I feel like I'm in new body in some sense.  I am a new person in a lot of ways...and I'm not complaining!!  The change is welcome and fantastic! 

To me the very best part of growing another year older is that I seem to accept myself more.  I used to worry more about what others thought and now I realize that I can only be who I am...if you don't like it then life is too short to waste precious time with that!  I'm not going to change something about me for ANYONE but myself.  It truly is such a freeing feeling to know and like who you are, time and years lived are helping to provide that for me.

During my 36th year I have became a much stronger person.  I am firm with my values and will stand up for them.  I am more willing to put myself out there and embrace change.  I count my blessings EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and there are many.  I have learned that trust isn't a feeling lost on me, you just have to find the right people to put your trust in. 

Life may not be exactly how I had pictured it to be on my 37th birthday but I'm alright with that.   I am a happy single mom of 2 wonderful babies, with a supportive family, fantastic friends, an amazing boyfriend & 2 very special sweet girls, a warm loving home and a job that I enjoy.  It's not a perfect life (who's is) but it's mine and it's much better than how I had pictured it would be...I'll take it. Sweet 37-

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