Friday, August 30, 2013

Grand Marshall Papa Leo...

I'm so excited that my Grandpa Leo will be serving as the Grand Marshall for the 94th Round-up here in Lake County this weekend.  As the Grand Marshall he will be riding in the Round-up parade on Monday and will be part of the Grand Entry during the rodeo on both Sunday and Monday afternoons. 
It is a honor that is well deserved.  Not only has my grandpa lived all but 4 of his 88 years here but this year also marks the centennial (100 years) of when his parents homesteaded in this county.  After marrying my Grandma Anna Mae (Mamu) in 1946 they went on to have 9 children, 7 of which still live here.  They also have a total of 72 grandchildren and great-children...1/3 of them still calling Lake County home.  Before raising hay and cattle my grandparents established a tractor business in Lakeview and ran it for 20 years.  
Beyond all of that he is the most amazing and genuine person I know.  Being a grandfather to 72 children is a huge job and yet somehow he makes each and every one of us feel like we are his one and only.  He and my grandmothers marriage has lasted for 67 years and is a true representation of what love should really be like. 
My grandpa is a husband, father, grandfather, friend, role model, mechanic, entrepreneur and dog lover who is kind, generous, loving, smart, supportive and strong.  I realize I may be a little bias but nobody in my opinion could represent Lake County any better than my Grandpa Leo. 
Sweet Papa- 

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