Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday...

As you know, I am in my final stages of training for my half marathon on September 22nd and I am TOTALLY freaking out.  My runs lately have been just short of completely terrible!  I'm not quite sure what is making it that way but I am trying to power through.  The fact is...if my runs don't improve dramatically in the next few weeks, I may be walking part of the race & that is not what I set out to do.  It is frustrating to say the least. 

I enjoy running and look forward to it because the feeling that you have after a good run is amazing.  They call it a "runners high" and I can't quite explain it.  It doesn't always happen but if it does it is at the end of a run.  I get filled with emotion and feel like I could run forever.  It is powerful and I sadly it hasn't happened for way to long.

I guess that when I set out 13 weeks ago to train for this race I thought that I would just go out, get my runs in and that would be that.  I didn't realize that there would be some really rough patches.  I didn't realize that there would be slumps.  I definitely didn't realize or think it would be this close to race day. 

I will admit that I am sad that I am having such a hard time but I am not giving up (even though there are parts of me that want to).  I am going to continue running with the hope that each run will get better.  If I can't run the entire race then I guess that is the way it goes.  That just means that I will be training for another one sometime soon because I want to reach my goal of running the entire 13.1 miles.  I'm determined and if it doesn't happen this time...I will try again and again until I do.

When I began running I didn't realize the life lessons that it would teach me.  I thought that I was just taking on a new form of exercise and that was it.  But it has taught me how important mind over matter is.  I really never understood what a mental game running was and how that can help in so many other aspects of life.  Believing you can do something is more important that actually doing it.  Visualizing yourself completing a task and being strong mentally is more powerful than anything physical.  Pushing through a hard run is just like pushing through any battle in life.  There are always difficult people and situations that affect our lives but if you just keep your head down and power through then the rewards can be great.  Running like life is proving to be hard but I will keep pounding the pavement until it gets better.  Sweet training-

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