Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Inspiration-A mothers strength...

I realize that this makes two posts in a row that are pretty intense.  I try to keep things pretty light hearted here but sometimes things touch me in a way that is unexplainable.  Today I am sharing with you a story of a mother who's 7 month old son was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Her strength and faith in God will inspire you and make you want to be a better person.  As a mother I am in awe of how she is choosing to handle such a life shattering situation.  Instead of living out her sons last days/months/years in denial and sadness...she is using them to help others and enjoy every moment.  She and her family are facing one of my biggest fears with an attitude that is beyond admiral.

I invite you to head over to her blog and read about her journey.
You will cry and your heart will hurt for them but I guarantee that you will learn something from her unending faith and I promise that once you have read her story you will have a new found perspective.  If she can choose happiness during one of life's most difficult battles then I believe we all can.  Sweet inspiration- 

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