Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy weekend...

Like always (and like all of you), I had a crazy weekend.  It is hard for me to be away from home because I have about 9 million cords of wood that needs stacked (have you seen my carport? crazy!), 7 thousand loads of laundry to put away (we are living off the dining room table & not our dressers), 30 gazillion bags of garbage to get to the dump (we are messy peeps) and 1,563,000000 projects (that I can't wait to dive into) that I need to get busy on for the Happy Horse (HH).  So really...I may have exaggerated a tiny bit but when I have all of that hanging over my head it feels like it is that big.

So instead of getting the important things done...I decorated and delivered a wedding cake on Saturday morning (I take that back...this was important).  And like any great blogger...the memory card for my camera was left in my computer at home!!  Why must I do this ALL.OF.THE.TIME!!  So darn annoying!!

Then I hopped in the car and headed to Bend, did a little shopping, saw a precious boy, ate some good food...you know...the required business that needs handled when out of Lakeview.

Then I hopped in the car again and only went a few miles to Redmond to watch my Darb and his dad tough truck it up.  I may have been near heart failure when Darb rolled his truck but luckily he was fine and it was fun.

Barely had enough time to rest our eyes and Darb & I were on the road again to Vancouver, Washington to celebrate my Uncle Rono (Captain Ron to you) and Auntie Paula's (EOA...to me) 50th wedding anniversary.  My cousin Shannon and her husband Brad did such an amazing job in planning the celebration and making a table full of AMAZING treats!!

It was so awesome to be able to see family that I haven't seen in years and drive 300+ miles to be with the ones who live here (funny how that works)...loved it!!

After a little time with the fam and a nights rest (notice I didn't say good nights rest) Tater (who had rode with my mom up there), Darb and I hopped in the car AGAIN and drove all of the way home.  Are you as tired as I am?

So basically what I am leading to is this....If you don't see or hear from me in a few days...I will be sleeping!!  Thank goodness Tales basketball is in Lakeview this weekend!!  The end. :)  Sweet travels-

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