Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

November 15th-I am Thankful for my Tales.  Tonight she & I rocked it and got so much done at home.  She is such a great helper (when she wants to be) and too much fun!!

November 16th-I am Thankful for Saturdays.  I look forward to them, live for them, love them!!

November 17th-I am Thankful for my family.  Sometimes having such a large family can be a real pain but it is so nice to have so many people who believe in you, stand behind you and help you.

November 18th-I am Thankful for the values that my parents instilled in me.  I hope to pass them on to my babies.

November 19th-I am Thankful for the drive I have in life.  It is constantly pushing me and making me want to do more.

November 20th-I am Thankful for the memories I have of Grandma Anna Mae.  I feel like the last few weeks have been the hardest for me but the memories make it easier.

November 21st-I am Thankful for my Tater.  Even though parenting a 16 year old can have its challenges he really makes it pretty easy. 

Sweet thanks-

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