Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm 36...tomorrow

I'm turning 36 years old tomorrow.  I thought I would be sad about it because now I am closer to 40 than 30 but instead I feel excited about starting a new year and chapter in my life.  The last few years I have been in a bit of a limbo and now I can finally say that I am not anymore!  I am ready to see what life (God) has in store for me.  So in honor of tomorrow being my 36th Birthday, I am going to list the 36 things that I am most looking forward to in the next year.  After all I am blessed beyond belief...I just sometimes need a little reminder! 

1.  My Taters...he is my first born and man I love that kid!!!  I think I will keep him forever and ever...AMEN.

2.  Taylea Pearl...she is such a one of kind!!!  I love the pizazz she adds to my life, I live for it!!!  I love it!!

3.  My family...I was blessed with an AMAZING Mom & Dad and two AWESOME sisters.  They understand me and stand beside me through all of life's joy and complications.

4.  My dog Jack...what a little gift from heaven!!!  He lights up our home and life.

5.  My job...sure not everyday is perfect but having a good job that understands the requirements of being a mom is unbelievable!

6.  Sweet friends...I have realized that I only have a few but the few I have are amazing beyond words.  They are definitely the family I have chosen for myself.

7.  All of my children's wonderful grandparents...they are two of the luckiest kids I know.  They are also the best help anyone could ask for.

8.  Faith...because believing that everything will work out in the end is sometimes a hard concept to accept.

9. newest addiction.

10. My new camera...a little (OK..BIG) gift to myself.  I can't wait to capture everything!!

11. Good Advice from my Dad...although sometimes it takes a while for it to sink in, it can be life altering.

12. Dinner with friends...I am always grateful for a night out with amazing company.

13. My children's teachers...they are the one's who fill the gap for me each and every day.

14. Exercise...a brisk walk can brighten my day in no time.

15. is therapeutic for me.

16. mind can finally run free.

17. Sunshine...a glimpse of sunshine in the morning is sometimes all I need to roll out of bed.

18. Watching my children play sports...I love seeing them grow as athletes.

19. Being a single mom...although it can be hard, one day my children will understand.

20. Hugs...a bear hug from Tate can make life worth while.

21. Camping...a few days away with good friends and family is such a wonderful way to pass the time.

22. Sweet Moments...making time for those who mean the most to me and I hold close to my heart.

23. Papa Leo's Pancakes...what a way to start the day! 

24. Daily chats with my Mama...they are a must!

25. Albertson Reservoir...I'm so lucky that my favorite place on earth is at my back door.

26. Date nights with my kids...alone time and conversation can make me and my children very happy.

27. Travel...whether it is a day trip or to far places, I love a little adventure.

28. Waking up to my daughter...I love that she is NEVER too old to sleep with her mama.

29. just makes me a very happy girl, end of story.

30. Nieces and Nephews...I am always amazed at how much I can love a little person even when they are not my own.

31. Self Confidence...because it is coming back and I like that feeling.

32. is my guilty pleasure.

33. Summer...I love being outside, using my BBQ every night and wearing flip flops!!

34.'s a passion that I can't get enough of.

35. Lazy afternoons...a nap, diet coke and my remote.

36. My health...I think we all take it for granted until it is compromised.  I want to enjoy it to the fullest!!

So tomorrow when I wake up I will be another year older...I know I said I was good with it but now I might be changing my mind (it's my prerogative and I'm a girl...enough said).  Sweet birthday-


  1. I hope you have the best birthday ever!!! You so deserve it!

  2. Thanks are such a great long time friend!!!

  3. Happy birthday and I hope we get to meet someday soon. You are a pretty cool chick! :)


  4. Happy Birthday June!

  5. Oh My Dearest June Bug!!!!! I am so very proud of you. An amazing woman you have become. We are proud to have you in our life and family. What a Blessing you are