Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Thoughts-Week 13

Week 13-  Life isn't fair...look ahead and move on!!

Am I the only parent who is constantly hearing..."That isn't fair"...???  I think that each of my children say it at least 1000 times per day!  Whether it is who gets to sit in the front seat...who gets the first turn on the computer...who has to bring wood in...who needs to take the dogs know the drill-pretty much anything and EVERYTHING they are asked to do!  I'm quite sure that as a child I was exactly the same way but as a mother they are bad words to me.  I try to be a sympathetic mom but my tolerance for these 3 words is not very high! 

The fact is that life isn't fair!  The good guy does not always finish first!  Butt kissing can get you places but not the right places!  Doing the right thing matters but isn't always rewarded!  I must admit it is hard to swallow...even as an adult I find myself struggling with this concept but it is life and we should look ahead at the good and move on...not dwell on things out of our control!  That is what I hope my children can take with them and understand.  Sweet lessons-

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