Friday, March 9, 2012

A night without our baby...

I'm going away for the weekend to celebrate a friends upcoming nuptials.  That means that I needed to find homes for my precious children and baby Jack (our Yorkie).  Lucky for me, my children have so many wonderful grandparents!!  I couldn't do it without all of their help!  My sweet mama and dad have Jack for the weekend and because I am leaving at noon I needed for him to go to their house last night.  So this meant an entire night at home without our baby...

I guess I just didn't realize how much our lives revolve around this little dog!  We were lost without him (and that is an understatement)!  Taters said his night was ruined the moment he left.  Tales was sad that she had to sleep without him and I listened for the jingle that his tags make when he runs around the house all night long.  About every 5-10 minutes one of us would say how much we missed him and wished he was was pathetic!

I finally gave my mom a call to check on him and realized that Jack was having the time of his life at her house.  Playing with his brother Gibbe, sitting on my dad's lap and hanging out at grandpa and grandma's is like a mini vaca for Jack.  I'm sure by Sunday he will be ready to come home...or at least I hope so??

I can't thank my sister enough for giving us this little bundle of joy who completely consumes the very best way possible.  We miss you Jack!  Sweet Yorkie-

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