Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Planning a party-The invitation

In a couple of weeks I will be hosting a baby shower (open house) for my sweet cousin Laura and her new and precious baby Noam.  When planning a party of any kind I always like to start with a theme or general direction of the event.  I do this by taking into consideration the person that I am planning the party for and take it from there. 

Laura is a registered nurse who is married to her first love and man of her dreams...Chase.  They live in the country on a beautiful family farm (where they were married).  They love everything outdoors...camping...hiking...nature in general.  So it was easy for me to take that and make it the theme. 

For me the first impression of any party is the invitation.  It sets the tone and gives people a glimpse into what they can expect.  It is good to give as much information as possible on the invitation so that those invited have clear knowledge of the details. 

Here is the invitation I chose for Laura's Open House...

It covers all of the bases...

1. It is cute
2. The theme is set
3. It is Simple
4. All details are given.

  So the first step of planning is finished.  On to decorations and food...those posts are to come. 
 Sweet details-


  1. Cute invite, June! I am currently putting together Max's birthday party and it is also a camping theme:) It is the day before your shower, but I will have some rustic decor/elements that you are more than welcome to borrow if you would like!
    Happy planning!

  2. Jenny, that is awesome...I would LOVE to borrow some of your decor!! I will get in touch with you. Thanks again!!