Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Planning a party-The details

Once the invitation has been sent then the rest of the planning can begin to happen.  You now have a theme, time and date for the event.  In the case of Laura's shower we are going to have an open house between the hours of 11 & 1.  Everyone who is invited can come and go as they is a more laid back and simple kind of shower.  Guests can stay the entire time or just pop in for a minute to meet the new baby.

The simplest way to serve food at a party that people will be arriving at different a buffet.  As someone arrives they can grab a plate and mingle with guests.  The only issue with a buffet is being sure to serve food that can sit out and be edible for a 2 hour time period.  That is where it can get a little tricky.

I also like to take my theme into consideration when preparing the food.  I instantly knew that a smore of some kind would have to make the menu!!  After all you can't go camping without one.  When I begin planning an event I just take a piece of paper and start writing down ideas...brainstorming things that I think might work for the event and in this case I looked on Pinterest.  It is such a great way to get awesome ideas.

For the food I decided that because sandwiches might get soggy I would go with a tortilla wrap.  I can make two different varieties and cut them into single servings.  I want to keep all of my food easy to I think that I will serve fruit salad and veggies with dip in individual cups to make grabbing them soooo simple. 

For dessert (my favorite part!!!!!) I like to have a variety of options.  Different flavors and texture combinations to please everyone invited.  In this case I am going to put my own spin on the smore, make a citrus bar and a cupcake.  All taste buds should be satisfied by something...I also have ideas for making them EXTRA special (I can't wait to share!!!)!!

Decorating is another part of planning a party.  I think simple is best!!  A fun food table and few other simple items can set the scene well without going overboard (although I am known to do this).  I am going to use some of my old items with pine cones, lanterns and other items you might find on a camp out or hiking trip. 

For favors I had thought about decorating a sugar cookie for each guest but there is NO time!!  Instead I am going to mix up a custom Trail Mix for everyone to take home with them.  I will package them up in a cute way and display them.  

I think that I had better get busy...Sunday is fast approaching!!  I look forward to sharing the party and every detail with you next week.  Sweet planning-

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