Monday, August 27, 2012

Teenage Room Make-over...Part 1

We have been in our new home since the middle of April and I still have not addressed my children's rooms.  So for Taylea's 13th birthday I thought it would be a perfect time.  I would have loved to surprise her with it but I know her well enough to know that isn't a good idea...she is a girl who likes to be involved (which is one of the million reasons why I love that girl)!  My plan was for it to be a room she could grow that is fun and girly but mature enough to stand the test of high school (tall order).

To begin the project I had her come up with a color scheme...she chose yellow, gray & black.  I wasn't supper excited about her choice but I have to admit that it grew on me and now I absolutely LOVE it!  Next was our trip to shop for everything we needed to begin.  We were both excited to see what we could find and after ZERO arguments (its the truth) this is what we came home with...

Two black lamps from Target (16.99 each), two gray and white zebra shower curtains from Target (14.99 each), two yellow place mats from Target (1.99 each), numerous old picture frames from Goodwill (5.00 total), two yellow pails from Target (1.00 each), yellow and gray leaf pillow cases from Target (5.00), black shelf from Target Clearance (7.99), gray and white fleece blanket from Fred Meyer (12.00), black chair cushion from Walmart (5.00) and coordinating fabric/ribbon from JoAnn's (15.00).

Some of the items will be repurposed and some will be painted.  In fact painting was the next item on the "To Do" list.  We started with her closet doors and painted them with......drum roll please.....CHALK BOARD paint.  This time we used the kind in a paint can and rolled it on (or at least Tales did)...

Next came the bedroom walls and the chore of picking the perfect shade of gray.  I have to say that it was harder than I had thought it would be.  There are so many gray's that have touches of greens and blues in them and so I struggled until I found this...JAUNT-True Value.

Again Tales pushed up her shirt sleeves and painted until it was time for me to come in and finish the trim work and corners...

I think I had better stop here for today but I will continue with the other projects and the final product in the next couple of weeks.  Sweet makeover-

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