Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fair is upon us...

Today is the first day of our county's annual Labor Day Round-up and Fair.  It truly seems like yesterday we were packing up and heading home from the long weekend last year.  It is amazing how time flies when you are running around like a mad woman having fun!  Here are the fruits of my children's summer labor...

Tater & Ferdinand (weighing in at 290 lbs.)

Tales & Fruit Cup (weighing in at 270 lbs.)

Tonight they will show the pigs for market and tomorrow night for showmanship.  Does wanting to skip this weekend make me a bad mom?  Because if so then I am terribly horrific!!  I think a girl weekend somewhere warm with frilly drinks sounds pretty darn good!!  Anyhoo...I will be busy but look forward to chatting with all of you next week.  Sweet weekend-

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