Friday, November 16, 2012

Candy bar going away gift...

Last week one of Tales good friends and her family moved to Colorado.  It is so sad when a good friend leaves you...especially when it is so far away.  I know that they will be friends forever but it changes things.  Luckily with today's technology they can face time, skype, email, text, and call when time permits. 

Before they left we wanted to make sure and have dinner with them (minus her Dad...he had already left).  We also wanted to take a little something special to her for a gift.  Something that would be inexpensive, yet cute and personal.  I decided that I was going to use candy bars to describe the many ways that Taylea was going to miss her.  It would be fun and could double as snacks for the long car ride they were going to be making.

To start I brain stormed and decided that these were the candies and sayings that I would use...

Gummy Bears-because you are a beary good friend.
100 Grand-because I wouldn't trade our friendship for 100 Grand.
Extra Gum-because our friendship is Extra special.
Snickers-because I love to Snicker with you.
Pop Rocks-because you Rock!
Mounds-because your are Mounds of fun.

This note was attached to the outside of a gift bag...

I then went to the store and purchase the candy I was looking for and used my computer to print out the sayings for each bar.  To attach the saying I used a hole punch and raffia...

It was a sweet gift for a sweet friend that Taylea will surely miss.  Sweet goodbyes-

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