Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas "JOY"...

Thanksgiving 2013 has officially been put in the books.  It was a wonderful long weekend filled with family, food and a ton of fun...I couldn't have asked for anything more!!  As much as I love Thanksgiving I am always excited for the Christmas season to begin.  For me it starts the moment my stomach is full of turkey and I am on the road with my mom & sisters in search of Black Friday deals.

To get myself in the mood for decorating I decided to make a fun and adorable decoration to add to my already giant collection.  It is a simple project that can be completed with only a few items.

Card board letters (purchased at Jo Ann's for $2.99 each), yarn of choice and my always handy glue gun...

Using my hot glue gun to hold the yarn in place...I began wrapping the yarn around the letters.  It gets a little trickier on the small edges but just use a little more glue and it will work well.  It truly is a project that anyone can accomplish...I promise.

The finished product is a perfect addition to my home for the holidays.  I love the yarn I chose because it reminds me of a cozy sweater and who doesn't love cozy this time of year.  I can hardly wait to finish up the decorating and share it with all of you.

Sweet Joy-

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