Monday, January 28, 2013

Who would like to join me???

At the beginning of each year I like to make a list of things that I would like to accomplish in the new year.  It is kind of like a "Bucket list" for the year and sometimes (or maybe a lot of times) things from the prior year don't get done and it once again gets put onto the next list.  The one thing that I did accomplish last year was to run a 5k.  For some reason it was something I really wanted to do and so over Labor Day weekend I did it and I have to say...IT FELT AMAZING!!  So this year when the whole list thing came along and I didn't have to add a 5k again...I decided to do something a little more daring...I penciled down a 10k or greater. 

I hadn't really thought much about it this month until the other day when I decided that I needed to find a race, enter and start training my rear end off (literally, I hope).  After looking around I settled on the 10 mile race at the Pear Blossom Run on Saturday, April 13th in Medford Oregon.  This gives me (us) 10 weeks to be ready.  Yikes!!  I said us because I would like any and all of you to join me.  If 10 miles seems too daunting then you can do the 5k at the same race and if running seems like too much then walk it.  It isn't about what race or how you is about setting a goal and achieving it. 

What is more fun that accomplishing something you work hard for??  Accomplishing something you work hard for with a group of fabulous ladies and making a weekend of fun out of it.  The cost of the event is between $20.00 and $35.00 (depending on the race that you choose).  The website to enter is  Let me know if you are interested by February 15th so that I can get a plan in place and so that you can have time to train (we don't want any injuries).  My email address is  Lets challenge ourselves, set a goal and have a great time!!  Sweet goal-

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