Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday...

As a mom I think we all struggle with finding balance in life.  Trying to be all things to a hand full of people is hard and unattainable...unless you are superwoman...and if you are then PLEASE tell me how you do it!!  Add dieting and exercise to that already full schedule and you have yourself a full blown crazy mess.  I have came to the conclusion that everything is not going to get done...I now prioritize to get the things done that I feel like matter most.  I ask myself...Is getting my run in or doing the dishes more important??  The truth is that sometimes for my sanity...the dishes will win and that is alright.  But the fact is that some things have to give in order for you to make "ME TIME".

I consider "ME TIME" to be anything that I'm not doing for the house or kids.  That could be exercising, dinner with friends, etc.  For a long time I felt mommy-guilt for making time for me and then one day I realized that I'm a better person when I do.  Even when I plan my time in advance I find that there is ALWAYS something that just comes up.  Someone is sick, a new activity is happening, a meeting is happens know what I am talking about.  Life just happens.

The more I am embarking on this journey, the more I realize how hard finding balance is for me.  Whether it be my diet, exercise, my home, my work, my kids...whatever!  I may have eaten all of the right things but I need to take Tate somewhere and lost my opportunity to exercise.  I may be caught up at work but my house looks like a hoarder has moved in.  I may have gotten to spend a few hours with my boyfriend but then I feel like my kids are neglected.  Life (especially as a parent) is a constant juggling act. 

For a few weeks now I have been meeting my cousin a couple times a week for a hike early in the morning.  I HATE getting up early but the satisfaction of getting my workout done out weighs it.  I'm finding that just might be the right time for me to get my exercise in...even if something comes up...I have my hour done for the day.  That is a great feeling and the scale (most of the time) is glad too. 

Speaking of the scale...I have now lost a total of 5 1/2 pounds since the start.  I wish that number was higher but I know that choices I make are the reason it isn't.  So this week I am in search of better choices and finding balance (if there is such a thing).  Sweet balance-

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