Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday...

So here is the bad news...Camping over the weekend killed my diet.  I ate like a pig and drank like a lush.  Somehow I have got to figure out how to be able to leave for a weekend and still practice moderation.  I was happy that the scale only showed 2 pounds up but I worked hard to get that off and now I have to do it again!!  I also haven't done any sort of excercise since last Thursday (a 3 mile run). 

So here is the good news...I am more determined than ever to get myself where I want to go!!!  I am looking forward to the scale going down and I am going to up my running regimen.  No more excuses only progress!!

I saw this quote this morning and it really spoke to me. 

If you do what you always did
you will get what you always got!

How am I EVER going to expect myself to get the results that I want if I keep doing the same things that got me to this point?  The fact is-I'm not!!  Game On!!!  Sweet inspiration-

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