Friday, May 10, 2013

My Sweet Mama...

Sometimes when I blog I have a hard time expressing my exact feelings...especially when I am blogging about something that is really important to me.  As I sit down to write this my head is filled with so many things to say about my eyes are flooded with tears just thinking about how truly lucky I am to have someone so wonderful in my life...having this person be my mom is such an added bonus.

Growing up I realize that I totally took my mom for granted and I hate that I did that.  Until you are a parent yourself you never really understand the selflessness it takes to be a good parent.  My sisters and I ALWAYS came first above all things.  In ways I feel like she gave up a better part of her adult life in order for us to have ours.   She was there for EVERYTHING.  I can't even imagine the mileage she put on our granny wagon (aka Jeep Cherokee) taking us all over the state for every game, speech event and field trip that any of the three of us needed to be at. 

Staying home for 10 years to raise us was a huge financial burden for my parents but you never knew it.  Somehow my mom could create an atmosphere at our home that honestly made me feel like we were rich.  I know that may sound a little silly but it is true.  She would make wonderful meals from a handful of ingredients and then serve it on her china for an elegant night at home.   Instead of going out to eat on a vacation we would picnic at beautiful parks, enjoy the fresh air and eat her amazing food.  Saturday nights were an event at our house...Tacos at Taco Bills and a beta (boy that ages me) movie from the Movie House was what we looked forward to all week.  At lunch time when she had a few leftovers we played restaurant and my mom would make menus, take our orders and then serve us lunch.  Our friends (who were mostly our cousins) still remember that.  At Christmas time when money was really tight she would wrap giant candy bars for each of us to open and it was one of our favorite gifts.  She just had a way of making everyday things extra special...I admire her for that.

She and my dad are amazing role models in life and in love.  This year they will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and although I know marriage can be tough they have stood beside each other, supported each other and continued to love each other...

She is one of my biggest supporters, she is an amazing grand mother, she is an accomplished cook, she is a teacher to many, she is honest and kind, she stands up for what she believes in, she is so many things but above all she is our mom...

Sweet mama- 

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