Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday...

I know it has been a while.  The fact is that I was working at it and not seeing a whole lot of progress which made me discouraged and ready to give up...but I haven't.  In fact I have hit the glorious 10 pound mark (finally) and am ready to keep moving down.  The last time I posted I had mentioned that I would be increasing my running but I didn't exactly tell you what was up.  Mostly because I hadn't completely made up my mind but I have decided to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in September.

It wasn't a hard decision to make because it is on my bucket list and running makes me happy (most of the time).   There is a lot of dedication that is required and my body has been a little fatigued but so far I am in Week 4 of the training program and I haven't quit or even thought about it.  I chose a 13 week training program in which you run 3 times a week.  Two shorter runs (between 30 & 55 minutes) and one longer distance run (between 3 and 12 miles).  So far my longest run has only been 5 miles and since I like to keep it real I will tell you that it is the longest run I have ever done. 

The one thing that seems to help me the most is to eat my biggest meal at lunch.  I have only been snacking at dinner and that has helped a lot.  My biggest advice is to not diet with a man!!  They can seriously eat a banana for dinner 3 nights a week (and not change anything else) and loose 15 pounds in 3 weeks!!  It is insane!!  BOYS!! :)  Sweet running-

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