Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday...

For the past 6 weeks I have been training for a half marathon in September.  Since I put that out there a few of you have talked to me about running and how I got started.  I want to start by saying that I am NOT an expert.  I have only ran off and on for about 1 1/2 years.  When I started out I couldn't run for longer than a minute without being completely winded.  It definitely takes time to build your endurance up.  I do not run fast...I run between a 10 & 11 minute mile...I'm slow but slow and steady wins the race (or at least finishes it). With my limited knowledge, this is what I know and have learned about running...

*Some days are harder than others and on those days I run and walk in intervals.
*Running is a mental game.  If you tell yourself that you are only going to run to the mailbox...your body won't let you run any further.  Tell it that you are going kick 1 mile in the butt and I guarantee you that you will.
*I don't always love running but I absolutely love how I feel afterward.  The feeling of accomplishment is amazing.
*Training for a race keeps me on point.  When I know that I have something that I am striving for then I am more likely to stick with it.
*Invest in a good pair of shoes.  In the beginning I was running in an old pair of New Balance shoes that had seen better days and once I moved up into shoes that were made for running my feet felt so much better.  They don't have to cost hundreds of around and look at reviews. Brooks Ghost 5 is what I am wearing now and I love them.
*Listen to your body.  There are times when my back is bothering me and so I take it easy and only walk until I feel like it is better.  You don't want an injury.
*Don't let the weather stop you.  Obviously if you don't have spikes (I don't) then running on the ice is not a good idea but don't let a little rain or cold stop you from getting out there. 
*Get a buddy.  I usually run alone because I like to go when I want but there have been times when I have ran with Tate or Taylea.  I not only run faster to keep their pace but it makes the time fly by.  It also keeps you accountable...if you have someone depending on you to meet them you are less likely to talk yourself out of going.
*Music or no music is a personal preference.  I just started running with music about 2 weeks ago.  I purchased an IPOD shuffle for less than $50.00 and it clips to my shirt.  I never want to run without music again.
*Dress in layers.  Even when the weather is nice here there is almost always a I almost always run with a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt.  If I don't need it then I tie it around my waist and most days I am glad that I did.

These are just a few things that I wanted to share with any of you who want to run or are looking to take it up again.  I recommend trying it for a while before you decide you don't like it...for some (including myself) it is an acquired taste (so to speak).  Now I crave it...I look forward to legs will start getting jumpy about an hour before I go.  It is my ME TIME and my 40+ minutes a day to clear my mind. 

There are a ton of programs on the internet that can get you started.  The C25K (couch to 5K) is one that I hear a lot of great things about.  I just went out and did it on my own.  I would walk the distance between power poles and then jog the distance between power poles until I felt like it was getting easier.  Then I would walk two lengths and jog two lengths.  In couple of weeks I would do three and then get the idea...until I could run 3 miles without walking. 

Whatever you decide to do I recommend going slow and listening to your body.  You will be sore (I still am) but it shouldn't be unbearable.  Good luck.  Sweet running-

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