Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weightloss Wednesday

First...I just have to say how in love with the weather I am.  You can all thank me later for bringing it back with me from California.  I didn't want all of you to feel left out so I decided to share.  It has definitely made getting back into the grove of life so much easier to have the warm weather at home but enough about the weather...

I had every intention of posting on Wednesday of last week but then as my vacation got going more and I continued to eat like crap...well, I decided it just wasn't going to happen!  Remember two weeks ago when I said that diet and Disneyland should NEVER go in the same sentence?  That is so much the truth that I can't EVEN believe it!!  Now I could have been better...MUCH better in fact but when you are eating at wonderful places like The Rainforest Cafe, The Cheesecake Factory ( sinful), Bubba Gumps and ESPN Zone it is VERY HARD!! 

I had told myself on the plane ride home that I was NOT going to weigh until today but then when I woke up on Sunday I decided to just go ahead and get it over with...I had gained 4 pounds!!  That really sucks but I considering what I had shoved in my pie hole ALL week...lets just say that it could have totally been worse! 

Since Sunday I have got back at it and am glad to report that 2+ of 4 pounds I had gained are gone.  So now I am pretty much right back where I started which totally sucks but that is life!  I am constantly reminding myself everyday that I am after progress...not instant results.  Little steps to become healthy eventually turn into big ones and that is how I am going to make it happen.

We walked our little legs off while we were gone but I missed running.  It was so nice on Monday to get out on the pavement and bust out a few miles but I will admit that it hurt.  I hate that it has taken me months to get to where I can run 3 miles fairly comfortably but only a week to make it feel like you are starting over.  I guess it is kind of like weight...I can gain 3 pounds in a weekend but it takes me weeks to get it back off.  So unfair!!

This morning I met my sweet cousin Amanda for a hike at read that right.  I have a bit of a crazy week so I am going to try and get my lazy buns out of bed and exercise in the morning, which is so much easier when you have someone waiting for you (I can't be a complete flake).  The weather is supposed to be great so a nice early morning run, walk or hike is a great way to start my day.  Exercising in the morning is kind of like a double edge sword...I love having my workout done and I love the energy that it gives me throughout the day but I hate getting up early!  Before 6a.m. I can pretty much talk myself out of anything that involves me rolling out of my warm bed but I'm determined to get out there. 

My biggest excitement of the week is using my grill.  I got it all filled up and ready to go on Sunday, so it is GAME ON.  We have had fajitas, pork loin and steaks are on the menu tonight...can you say YUM?  I think that everything tastes better when it is cooked outside.  I'm so excited to go camping...I'm so excited for summer...Sweet grillin'-


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