Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping Checklist...the food

I don't think I am alone when I say that food tastes SOOOO much better while camping.  I'm not sure what exactly makes it that way but it is true.  A simple burger in the woods is so much tastier than the one that I make at home.  I think this to be true for a number of reasons...we are away from daily stress...relaxed...enjoying family and free (or at least we do)...more in the moment than at home.  Now packing the food can be another story altogether but with a little planning it can be so much easier...



__Pancake Mix (Homemade version coming soon)
__Bacon, Sausage or Ham
__Shredded Potatoes
__Breakfast Sandwiches
__Breakfast Burritos

**I like to put together pre-made breakfast sandwiches and burritos that are wrapped in foil and ready to be warmed on the fire or BBQ.

__Hot Dogs
__Lunch meat
__Sliced Cheese
__Sliced tomato and lettuce

**A sandwich wrap is such a great alternative to a simple sandwich and just as easy.  Fill with whatever you want and serve warm or cold.


__Hamburger Patties
__Hamburger Buns
__Sausage Dogs
__French Rolls
__Onions (to grill)
__Salads (Potato, pasta, macaroni or fruit...make ahead and take for the perfect side)

**I like to add grilled onions or even mushrooms to an evening meal.


__Smore stuff (Graham crackers, marshmallows and candy bar of choice...peanut butter cups are good)
__Nuts (for some reason I love to eat pistachios while camping)
__Cookies/Bars (Make something ahead for a homemade touch)
__Fruit (precut and wash before you go)

There are so many other things that I love to take while camping but here are some of the basic.  I will be sure to share more ideas throughout the next few months.  Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  Sweet food-

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