Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camping Checklist...

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and in Lake County I feel like it marks the beginning of camping season.  Going camping is one of my favorite summer activities!  It is so nice to leave the real world for a while and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  To me it is calms me and makes me a VERY happy girl.  As much fun as it is there is always the packing and as a mom we have A LOT of packing to do!!  Ever since my kids were young I have kept an ongoing list of things to bring and I thought that some of you could benefit from it as well.  Because this list is one that I have had for years it may have things that you no longer need or never needed to bring but it just might help. 

Camping Checklist-


__Shorts/Long Pants
__T-shirts (Long & Short Sleeve)
__Jackets (Hat and gloves if cold)
__Extra Shoes
__Bathing Suit


__Water Toys
__Water Shoes
__Life jackets
__Swim diapers


__Sleeping Bags
__Favorite Blankets (kids)
__Extra Blanket/Sheet
__Portable Crib
__Inflatable Mattress/Air pump


__Chap stick
__Bug spray
__Prescribed Medicine
__Benedryl (Liquid & Topical)
__Band aids (Different Sizes)
__Hydrogen Peroxide
__Eye drops


__Hair Brush
__Body Wipes
__Toilet Paper
__Feminine Hygiene Items
__Body Soap
__Glasses/Contacts & solution


__Paper Plates/Plastic Silverware
__Garbage Bags
__Ziploc Bags
__Dish Soap
__Paper Towels
__Table Cloth


__Camp Chairs
__Games/Color Books-Crayons
__Flashlights w/ extra batteries
__Fishing Gear & license
__Clothes Pins and line
__Pocket Knife

I also have a check list for food items and meal ideas that I will share next week.  I hope this is helpful and I hope that it makes you want to camp somewhere soon.  I'm very excited and ready to go!!  Sweet camping-


  1. I have a master list for camping too. We are obviously sharing the gene-pool here. Looking forward to seeing your meal new ideas.


  2. They say great minds think alike...must run in the family!! I'm always so excited to hear from you...thank you so much for tuning in!!